Electric panini grill is a Good Choice for Camping
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Everyone loves a good meal, especially one that is easy to make. A panini, meaning rolls in Italian is a simple solution that is both delicious and easy to prepare. It is no wonder that the panini press is gaining popularity all around the globe. Commonly, you’ll find one in sandwich shops, and even in bakeries. The good news, however, is that you can also make them at home.


Electric models are often called panini grills, since they actively grill the food within the unit and do not need an additional heat source. These use nonstick grill plates that can be removed on some models from the appliance for easy cleaning. You need a nearby electric outlet to plug in the appliance and heat the plates for cooking the sandwich. If you have one of these models, you can also use it to grill thin pieces of meat to go on your sandwich. Thoroughly clean the grill after cooking meat on it to prevent cross-contamination.


The choice of a manual panini press or anelectric panini grill depends on how you plan to make the panini. If you camp out frequently and would like to add paninis to your camping menu, opt for a manual panini press that can be used over an open fire. These are also good to have on hand if you have a fireplace and need to cook in a blackout. Electric panini grill takes up more room in your kitchen, and, unless you use it often, the higher cost of the electric model might not be worth it. If you enjoy panini frequently and will use the grill for other meals, you might want to invest in an electric panini grill.

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